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By Jove! This might be the BEST bottomless drinks package in London.


Lords and Ladies of the Baron’s manor, the time has finally come to rejoice in the prospect of free-flowing alcohol and the thought of late nights with good friends.


That’s right, Baron Von Took will be swinging open the doors to his esteemed establishment and he won’t be empty-handed – he comes bearing the gift of a jolly knees-up! If it’s your first time visiting the Escapologist, you’re in for a treat. Shrouded in scandal and one of the most elusive institutes in London, there are new mysteries around every corner.


He’s bringing his famous social package back and this time he’s topped it with even more tipple than ever before. Gone are the days of not being able to find a bottomless beverage that takes your fancy.


We all know you can’t beat a classic, that’s why our infamous Social Package now offers its recipients a full hour of bottomless Prosecco, Beer, Pornstar Martinis AND Espresso Martinis. What’s even better than that? It’s available all the bloody time! Yes, from open through to close, book your package and revel in a copious amount of cocktails! 


The Baron’s colourful past saw him galavanting around the world, drinking in some of the most notable watering holes in history. It’s for this reason that he has earned his title of a master of mind-bending cocktail, having refined the art of the perfect blend over many a year. This means his social package is not only easy on the bank balance – but it also tastes bloody delightful.


We’ve been out of action for a few months, so let’s make up for all the precious drinking time. The Social Package removes all the boring stuff and leaves you with the goods. Forget queueing, waiting and deliberating! Our purveyors of party are on hand to ensure your glass never runs dry.


Book today via the form below and enjoy free-flowing drinks on your next visit!