Hot Outfit Tips For A Cocktail Party

Even though we’re still stuck at home for the foreseeable future (important to help slow the spread of coronavirus and reduce pressure on the NHS), that doesn’t mean we can’t dress up like we’re going out out, even if we’re staying in in.

Whether you’re in lockdown as a corona loner all by yourself or whether you’re at home with family members or friends, why not put a bit more effort into your Friday night drinking sessions than you might have done over the last few weeks?

Your gladrags have been languishing in the back of the closet for a fair few weeks now – they deserve to be dusted off, the mothballs shaken out and your party clothes worn in all their resplendent glory once again. Who needs the outside world when you’ve got your living room, after all?

So, if you are thinking that you’d like to make a bit more of an effort, here are a few top tips from us here at The Escapologist to really pull your outfit off with serious aplomb.

#1 You don’t always need to wear a cocktail dress! What about going sleek in a blazer and some smart trousers? Bling it up with some heavy accessories and voila! Instant chic!

#2 Don’t go too formal! A dress that sweeps the floor is perhaps a little too much for a cocktail… a mini or a midi dress is just the ticket, however.

#3 Put your heels on! Another top pandemic cocktail party tip… put on a pair of heels. You probably won’t wear them for long so keep your slippers handy but there’s no quicker way to get yourself into a party frame of mind than with your favourite pair of shoes.

Don’t forget to come and show off your favourite looks here at The Escapologist cocktail bar once we reopen our doors for you all.