Online Prohibition Party Inspiration

The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.’ – Humphrey Bogart

During this lockdown period, friends and family are getting together across the country through video chat to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or even a hen do here and there. To make these online parties extra enjoyable, you might think to add a theme that everyone can easily participate in.

The early 20th century prohibition period is always a sophisticated and fun option; imagining what it would feel like to sip a martini or two in underground speakeasies. If you struggle with inspiration, think of The Escapologist in Covent Garden, with the interior rocking a gentlemen’s club vibe.

As well as costumes and old fashioned American accents, what completes a prohibition party? Cocktails, cocktails, and more cocktails! Here are some fun cocktails to make at home.

  • Gin Rickey – gin mixed with lime juice and soda, this simple cocktail is a refreshing spritz that will go down very well whilst catching up with friends and family.
  • Tom Collins – a simple and sweet cocktail. Take gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and soda, and enjoy whilst listening to some old timey tunes.
  • Mojito – the 1920s saw an introduction to cocktails from more tropical countries, with rum becoming more and more popular. Mojitos are a favourite with most as they are light and refreshing.
  • Daiquiri – very popular in the time of flappers. Ernest Hemingway had a variation of this classic that more suited his tastes. Taking the original rum and lime, add in maraschino liquor and grapefruit juice to create the Hemingway twist.