3 Picnic Cocktails To Delight In!

We’ve already had a spate of good weather so far this year but given that it’s only mid-July, we’re hoping that we haven’t seen the back of summer already. The next sunny day there is, we’re off on a picnic!

The best way to crown any summer picnic off to perfection is with a cocktail or two, of course, but there are so many delicious drinks out there, making a decision could be quite tricky.

What about using your choice of location as inspiration for your cocktails? If you’re off to the beach, we can think of nothing better than the classic mojito, a delicious concoction of rum, lime, muddled mint and soda water.

Simply muddle the juice of one lime and some sugar and mint leaves together, crushing the mint as you do it, then pour into a glass with some ice before adding the rum and topping up with soda water. A garnish of mint and away you go.

If you’re off to the park for your picnic, however, anything that involves lemonade or ginger beer will go down a treat. This amazing recipe for a tequila diablo rojo sounds especially delicious to us… the only problem is that it may disappear quite quickly! It’s pretty to look at too, thanks to the creme de cassis.

Anything with a bit of fizz will always go over well at a picnic, so up your game with a blackberry thyme sparkler. Make your own sugar syrup by heating your blackberries with some water and sugar, reducing until the berries are soft and the syrup has turned pink.

Add a shot or two of gin in each glass, followed by a shot of syrup, chuck in a couple of blackberries and then top up with champagne and garnish with a sprig of thyme. Chin chin!