3 Rum Cocktails To Get You Through Self-Isolation


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3 Rum Cocktails To Get You Through Self-Isolation

Rum will always be a popular spirit but as we move into spring and summer, you can bet that more tropical drinks will soon be the beverage of choice… and rum works perfectly in all sorts of summer-esque cocktails.

But, of course, we don’t yet know what the near future holds and it’s possible that we could still be in a state of lockdown come the summer - so to help you weather the self-isolation storm, here are a few rum-based cocktail recipes that you can whip up at home with no trouble whatsoever. Don’t say we never give you anything!

The mojito

This is a classic and what’s great about it is that you need minimal ingredients. Just get yourself some lime, some sugar, a handful of mint, a shot of rum and some soda water, then work your mixology magic until you’ve got the taste just right.

The Mai Tai

For something a little more complicated, a Mai Tai ticks all the boxes and is delicious to boot. Simply mix dark and white rum, triple sec, grenadine, lime and almond syrup for a potent drink that will make you feel like you’re poolside, even when you’re stuck indoors. Don’t forget to finish it off with a cherry garnish.

The upcycled White Russian

Check out this recipe on the BBC Good Food website if you want to go off-piste a little bit with your cocktails tonight. For this, you’ll need ground coffee, dark rum, maple syrup, a vanilla pod, some double cream and some milk vodka.

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