How To Make Frozen Cocktails


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How To Make Frozen Cocktails

Forget ice cream - there’s only one way to stay cool in the hot summer sun this year and that’s with a frozen cocktail cradled in hand. Of course, we’re all very well versed in the art of turning up to our favourite Covent Garden cocktail bar to order an ice-cold beverage - but how do you go about making these for yourself at home?

Lockdown means we’re all having to be a bit more self-sufficient at the moment and perhaps learn lots of new skills - but there’s nothing more fun than learning to become a mixologist!

To make your own frozen cocktails, you might be best off starting with a classic and then building up from there. Frozen margaritas will always go down a treat so just put 50ml tequila, 25ml triple sec, 25ml lime juice and 15ml sugar syrup in a blender along with a large handful of ice and blitz until smooth. Pour into your coupe glass and enjoy!

Frozen daiquiris are another classic cocktail choice and a great one for summertime. It’s almost strawberry season, so now’s the time to really perfect this particular recipe. You’ll need to blend the fruit and push the puree through a sieve to get rid of the seeds. Then put this with some rum, lime juice and ice into a blender and serve.

Or what about making a frozen cocktail dessert like this bellini granita? You’ll need 450g of peaches, the zest and juice of a lemon, some golden caster sugar and some sweet sparkling wine to make this delectable dish.

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