How to Up Your Cocktail Game on Instagram

So, you’ve spent your lockdown period being productive and mastering your home cocktail skills, but while they taste bang on, you just can’t seem to get a decent photo, when it seems some folk can snap a vodka and cola and make it look incredible. And if you can’t show off your mixology skills on social media, then what even is the point?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. You get served or make the most instagrammable boozy drink imaginable, but the photos just don’t capture the magic. What can you do? Do you need a better camera, fancy lighting? The simple answer is no, and we have a few tips to help you get more likes on your latest creation.

No, you don’t need expensive lighting to get a good photo, but the right lighting is everything. It won’t matter if you’re using an ancient iPhone 6 or a high-end DSLR if the lighting is poor.

The ideal situation is natural light, and a window during the daytime is the sweet spot. But cocktail bars are notoriously lacking in ample daylight. Don’t be tempted to use the flash on your smartphone either, as it will just bounce back off the glass.

A good tip is to ask a friend to switch on the torch function on their phone and aim it at the cocktail then try taking a photo. Experiment with the direction of the light – from the side, above, even behind – and see what works.

2. Work Your Angles

Don’t just pull out your phone or camera and snap, think about the angle of attack. It will depend on the drink and the glass it is served in, so try coming in low, or high, close up, or shoot landscape instead of portrait. Maybe focus on the garnish, or the glass if it’s particularly fancy!

3. Treat the Cocktail as the Hero

Don’t go crazy with props and backgrounds, unless the bar countertop is particularly photographable. Remember that the drink is the subject and stick to that being the focus of the photo.

You don’t need a fancy camera to get good photos, just a bit of thought and consideration.

Why not visit our Covent Garden cocktail bar and get some practice!