What Cocktails Should You Try Earlier In The Day?

If you thought that you should only be sipping on cocktails during our Covent Garden cocktails happy hour, think again! While that’s a great reason to get out with some friends and enjoy the summer evenings, there are actually a few tipples that are designed to be enjoyed earlier in the day.

National Geographic recently highlighted a few cocktails from around the world that it’s acceptable to drink long before dusk.

The news provider started with the Pomada, which hails from the Spanish island of Menorca. This is a favourite breakfast tipple among the locals and it certainly packs a bit of a punch to start your day.

A Pomada is made with gin and lemonade. If you’re going to drink the authentic version, you should make it with Xorigeur, a local gin made from distilled wine in wood-fired pot stills.

Of course, the Bloody Mary made the list with the publication suggesting that this is best consumed with brunch. It also highlighted a Canadian variation on the concoction called a Caesar which, in addition to the vodka, lemon, tomato juice, Worcester sauce, hot sauce and salt, contains a dash of clam juice. This is broth taken from steamed clams.

If we’re being honest, we’re not sure quite how we feel about this addition, although when in Rome… (or Canada apparently!).

It appears that lockdown means more of us are becoming adventurous in our drinks choices, with Spirit Business revealing last month that two-thirds of Brits plan to enjoy cocktails outdoors to make the most of the summer following the extended period where we were stuck at home.